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11-20-2013--Latest news article:
"Watch out, burglars: Federal Way woman keeps an eye on neighborhood"

"I was sitting here working, when 2 women tried to rob my neighbor's home. I took down the license plate and took 13 pictures of the incident. These pictures got them caught and a crime ring busted." - Carla Ackley, President of Ackley's Custom Site Submission.

Resident's photos help capture alleged serial burglar in Federal Way

Carla Ackley posted photos of the alleged burglar at her Federal Way blog.

Federal Way Mirror reporter
July 12, 2012 ∑ Updated 4:49 PM 

The recent arrest of two alleged serial burglars in Federal Way has led to a dramatic drop in burglaries in the city, as highlighted by Federal Way Police Chief Brian Wilson's report to the city council on July 3.

One of the alleged serial burglars, Amanda W. Macklin, was put away with the help of watchful resident Carla Ackley, who noted Macklin's presence in her neighborhood one day back in March.

Ackley found Macklin's behavior to be so suspicious that she even posted photos of the alleged burglar at her blog, Those photos ultimately helped put Macklin behind bars, according to police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock.

Ackley contacted police on March 23, 2012, about suspicious circumstances at her neighbor's house, leading to the identification of two burglary suspects that were wanted on burglary warrants out of Spokane, Schrock said.

One of the two women that Ackley identified back in March was the woman Chief Wilson referred to. After being arrested on the Spokane warrants, one of the suspects returned to the South King County area and continued to commit several burglaries a day, Schrock said.

"This female was taken into custody by the King County Sheriff's Office and the ATF was also involved," Schrock said. "They contacted FWPD to allow us to interview her and clear many of our burglary cases that she was responsible for."

Macklin is alleged to have committed the burglaries in Federal Way, and is also alleged to have committed burglaries throughout South King County. Macklin herself was charged last month in Spokane for stealing a Homeland Security officer's identification in order to pawn two stolen rifles in November 2011.

Ackley described the circumstances of March 23.

"I was working on the computer and noticed a car out front, and I thought it was the mail truck," Ackley said. "When I went and looked, I saw it was a car parked out in front of my home and around the backside of my neighbor's home. It looked suspicious, so that is why I wrote the plate down and took pictures. Also, seeing someone wait at the back of the car with a popped trunk was weird as well."

"I am just glad I was able to notice this and help," she added.

Schrock said that citizen involvement like this helps combat crimes in neighborhoods, and sends a message that Federal Way police try to convey to residents at every opportunity.

"During all our community meetings, we encourage community members to become familiar with their neighbors, to know the vehicles that belong in the neighborhood and report all suspicious activities or behaviors of individuals," Schrock said. "We encourage the community to record suspicious vehicles' license plates and descriptions and share this information with police."

Original story here:

Docket Information and Related Docket Entries
Case 2:12-cr-00062-WFN Document 21
Filed: 07/12/2012
Entered: 07/12/2012
Entered By: Courtroom Deputy JLK,
Event Name(s): Notice of Hearing - By Court
Full Docket Text for Document 21:
NOTICE OF HEARINGS - By Court - Text entry; no PDF document - as to Amanda Wayne Macklin. A First Pretrial Conference and Motion Hearing is set for 9/4/2012 at 10:00 AM; a Final Pretrial Conference and Motion Hearing is set for 9/17/2012 at 11:00 AM and the Jury Trial is set for 9/17/2012 at 1:00 PM. All proceedings will be held in Spokane before Senior Judge Wm. Fremming Nielsen. (JLK, Courtroom Deputy) - U.S. District Court Eastern District of Washington (Spokane, WA).

9/18/12- Amanda W. Macklin was released on $20,000 bond and remanded to an inpatient treatment facility.

Hello Carla,

Everything is going well and we are happy with what you have done.

Thank You again,
-Kevin Fields

Thanks for all your help. The website has been really good for
business. I just did a 1st quarter comparison for the past 3 years!

BTY, website looks awesome. I am getting good feedback!

-Linda Johnson

This is good news, specially with - custom cloud. Thanks.

(We received page 1 ranking on Google for "custom cloud", "cloud videos" and "complex workflow").

-Hellman Chica
Complex Workflow

New site looks great...somewhat better than I expected. No offense...just have never been a lover of how html sites look in general. I am rather happy the way ours is presented by you! Good stuff. It may already be working as well....Saturday we had a call from a girl looking to get married. She searched Polish caterers and there we came up...when I know I more than likely wouldn't have before you! All is great! 

I would never look at anyone else ever again! I have the best. 

-Josh Mayse
Thomas's Catering
Thomas's Dining
Metro Detroit Catering

By the way, there were 5 orders from the RCF site today. We normally get 5 to 10 in a week.

(This is after promoting the Spicy Sweet Jalapeno Relish, Candied Jalapeno Peppers, Cajun Pickles, and their Cajun Relish). Yum!

-Wayde Prejean
Ragin Cajun Foods

Just wanted to let you know we are seeing a big jump in the last day.  I heard that Google reworked itís engine to filter out stuff from the content farms.  I think this could be to our advantage.  Let me know what else you recommend.

-Don Dimon

I am very happy with your work. We are getting a lot of calls.

Addendum 12/21/09. You are doing a whale of a job! We are getting a lot of business from the Internet now.

9/17/12- Thanks for the good service we are getting a lot more Internet walk in business lately.

-Nelson Medina
Medina Oriental Rugs

Looks like we're getting a few with the new catch words.

-Penelope Smith
Animal Communicator
Founder of
Animal Talk

Thanks Carla.

8-2-08 # 6, Page 1 on Google for "microfiche scanning" and also Page 1 #6 on Google for "microfilm scanning".

-Hellman Chica

Great job!

6-19-08 # 1 on Google for "wholesale womens suit" and was made a Google Hub Site.

-Michael Soury

Hey Carla,

Just wanted to say thanks for your professionalism throughout the year. With the help from you we have grown tremendously. Please check out our CBS News Special that aired tonight. 

Thanks Again,
Bryan Luriette
VP BaggageQuest

6-4-08: They are on 1st page of Google with the keywords of "luggage forward" page 1 #9, and "baggage forwarding" is on page 1 Google, #8.
Also, "luggage forwarding" - Page 2 #1, "luggage shipping" - Page 2 #2, and "baggage shipping" - Page 2 #3.

Very good rankings.
-Shirley Bauch, Sabs Place Online Gifts
Arizona Antiques

I already got a call from Craig's list for some work. 

Thanks! Thatís very good news, Iíve never had that before. Will it ever eventually get near the first or second page?

Thanks, thatís great news! Iím definitely getting more hits than before.

It seems I'm doing very well in the major search engines on "Portable Metrology Services" and "Metrology Services" THANK YOU!!!!

Iíve been checking it too and Iím so happy!

(As of 4-7-08, Page 1 results for portable metrology services (#1 on Google) & metrology services.)

I've gotten 2 calls in the last 2 days for business off my website, so that software is really working out. Thanks!

(1-25-11: Using new automated software that gets great traffic in 7 days from the submission.)

-Mitch Fields, On-Site Inspection LLC
Metrology Services

FYI, online sales from the site have increased by about $1,000 which is about 17% over last year. We were hoping for a little bigger increase to cover the cost of the major optimization, but it is still a decent increase. I know the optimization will continue to benefit us.

-Wayde Prejean
Kingwood/Humble Small Business Net (for

Hi Carla........
I went in to check and see if some of our key words would plug us into our web sight, and am happy to report in most cases we come up in the top 10.

-David Stringer, La Vie Boheme
Bohemian Boutique

We received top ranking/Page 1 results under several of our most popular terms on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and several other major engines. You are the best! and more affordable than the other SEO companies. This company was the only one that gave us a full free web site review before we even became a client.

(As of 3-29-08 Page 1 of Google for motorola radio programming, and ge radio programming).

I am pleased with the $$ I spent for SEO.
I do no pay per click anymore & this has worked for me.
It's not easy to spend $2500 up front & hope all goes well.
Carla Ackley turned out to be a reliable, trustworthy person.
I get the calls & sales.
Best Regards.

Great Job Carla.
Much thanks for your expertise!
I am getting 1 phone call daily off the site already.
I averaged 1 weekly with PPC that I've suspended for now.
I have recommended you to a few friends so far.

After searching far & wide, I decided to use Carla Ackley for search engine optimization. I did not make a mistake.
Carla is very professional with super follow up capabilities. Her knowledge is respected. She has increased my web presence in just 2 months time. My revenue has increased dramatically thanks to her efforts. I have & will continue to recommend her to my friends.. NOT my competitors.

I'm VERY pleased with my internet results. Just this week
I had three inspection orders for next week for $1370.00.

You faithful customer for 6 years running.

-Marc Goldenberg
All Tropic Home Inspection Services

This really works. I turned off the Pay Per Click and inquiries are coming in.

-Keith Harris
Harris Note

The Internet is going now and we are getting inquiries and customers from the site.

-Ray Gades
Surf Pool Service

Thanks to your efforts we are receiving a lot of inquiries from our website. It is now our major source of leads. I will be sending you a list of new websites that have agreed to links with our site. This is really exciting as we are now getting noticed.

I want to tell you that you helped me a lot. I am getting a lot more inquiries since I started working with you.

You did a real good job.

-Richard Tagawa
Hawaii Music Festivals

I am impressed. Thank You.
I will let you know as soon as we start getting calls from other engines ther then the Yahoo PPC.

Just so you know, we are getting more sales calls lately.

-Kobe Enterprises

We are getting orders from Contractors from all over the Nation. This is the best thing we have done in 20 years!

-M. Tollerup
Tollmark Address Lights

Our placement on these search engines is EXCELLENT! We should see some great long term success from these placements! Great job Carla, keep up the good work! 

-Greg Boomer Wry
Boomer Handicaps Races

The Internet is going now. Just recommended you to one of my vendors.


We are impressed. Your work is beginning to get orders for the first time. We have had almost an order a day, and just got two orders in one day! Thank you so much!

-Marian Feder
The Gift Collage

Our total new sales were $5,000 for the month. Please go ahead and add a bonus to your monthly bill... Hopefully we will have more months like this.

(Our Product Photography Services): Based on the feed back I've had on the Stress Ball & Stress Heart Ball pictures on they have been very helpful... Saves a lot of time, because clients can see many examples on both types of balls, etc., etc., so we can cut to the chase and serve them better..


Thanks for the update. Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your submissions. We seem to be at the top of every search list and it's driving the other companies crazy. They keep asking us how we do it.

-Phoebe Otis
Pied Piper Real Estate

Business is good. We had to hire 6 new people.

Cotton Candy Clowns

Even though we sell a higher priced item and do not take credit cards.....I think the positioning of the site and its unique look gives us a better opportunity over the competition. The other reason is that we answer every email in a timely fashion. Our licensed products are licensed......our competition is putting logos on clocks of less quality that are not licensed....... We are pleased with the results.

-Ed Goralewski
Max Neon Marketing (Neon Clocks and Business Neon Signs)
(Received several top positions in Google for Neon Clocks and related terms). Consistent Page 1 results on Google.



(2-13-07 - Received # 1 on Google for Boat T Tops & Boat TTops. As of 3-29-08 # 1 on Google for boat t top, # 4 for boat t tops)

-Diane Marchese, Ocean Tops Inc. Boat T Tops
Ocean Tops

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster

The site is already getting more hits than our two other sites.  We just had two couples fly in from Tennessee for afterlife and past life regressions.  As soon as we can, we'll get back to you to modify the other two sites.  Thanks again for a beautiful job!!

-Mike Allen, Subconscious Solutions, LLC
Passages Through Time

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster

Getting to the top of the search engines is a real art, and Carla is truly an artist when it comes to submitting a web site. My sales have increased dramatically since I started having Carla submit for me. I am typically in the top 10 to 20, and often the number 1-5 site. The small monthly investment for this service pays for itself many times over. I highly recommend giving Carla a try!

-Dave Getz, Satellite & Sound, Inc.,
Satellite & Sound, Inc.

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster

Carla is best!!! We have so many calls daily as result of work done on our web positioning, that some days I forget to eat--think of all the weight I'm losing - smile:) the phone never stop ringing--I don't know if this is good or bad?? Carla is always helpful - never a complaint from her tell her what U want & she will work with U. Before I was introduced to her services, my site was in a state of disarray, to this she can attest - we were down just about everyday- even since (probably 6-8 months) now, I think, not one problem-I highly recommend her-- also, her prices R fair & too low 4 the lovely work - smile): Let's hope she does not charge me more now...... Clownfully yours,

By no means, do not get too comfortable ...Everyone compliments us on our website- What a great job the "webmaster" has done---this, I must apprise U of. They all say, " our site is so E-Z to navigate" & colorful...Yvonne - Clown Magic Party Entertainment

Your fault with all your high rankings for us - going nuts here the phone never lets up. Most of the stuff are not from the yellow pgs but from the Net.

Maybe I ought re-sign your guestbook and warning clients your ranking web stuff can drive one crazy - for too many clients stuff based on keywording work actually works.
where they r going to come up first - hee-hee!!! Thanks 4 all your help 

-Yvonne Creque, Clown Magic Party Entertainment,
Clown Magic Party Entertainment - Clowns in New York & New Jersey

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster

Just a personal note to say "thank you" for doing such a great job for UniVisp and its online properties. Your doorway pages are brilliant! We are getting listed with upwards to 100 pages in each major search engine.
Very rarely, do I find someone (or anyone for that matter) on the net, who does what they say they're going to do. Not only did you do what you said you would do, you did it quickly with precision and complete knowledge of your craft.
You have gained my complete trust and gratitude. Warmest Regards,

-Gregory James Skibbee, CEO, UniVisp, LLC., - Prescription Drug Comparison Shopping - Prescription Drug Reverse Auction

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
Carla has been doing a fantastic job for our site for more than a year. We are so happy with her service, that we have added an additional site for her to monitor. thanks Carla the best money spent.

-Lawrence Sylvia,
Pied Piper Real Estate

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
Carla's quick response's and actions to all my queries and requests dealing with my web page and its additions and changes have freed me to concentrate on the business of business Carla promptly acted on all my requests and kept me informed of their progress. She solved and resolved all my concerns and restored my opinion of customer service By doing so, I was reminded of its importance to act and do the same I can not offer enough praises for her services. She has a client for life.

My web page in two weeks has risen from obscurity to a #1 ranking on and top 20 rankings on others. Her expertise in solving and resolving the myriad of problems I encountered on my site due to other so-called web masters and speed in doing so has been a blessing in disguise. Her ideas for promoting my site and fees charged for all her services tendered are only an added bonus and recommendation for one who needs it Thank you again Carla. It's nice to know I can rely on you.
-Steve Clark, Crabpotable Fine Furniture

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
Thanks for all the information and your hard work. You have been very reliable!
-Maddalena Loeb, - Outdoor & Extreme Sports

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
Thank you for your quick and friendly service. Thanks for all your help I'll have no hesitation in recommending you to other people.
-Karl Griffiths - UK

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
Good to hear from you and thanks for the impressive report. Our web site is taking more and more hits every week. You did a very impressive great job. We are getting very close to opening our doors and I haven't forgotten you. You will get some of our advertising business.
-Raymond Betcher, Perma-Hull International

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
I love your service. I got great results with you earlier this week.
Keep up the good work!!!! Thanks

-Andy Campbell , Make $100 A Day Or More On The Internet

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster
I used Carla's submission services and after a month, my biz had increased 30%. I was even getting orders from Japan, Germany, and England. I had never gotten orders globally previously. Her Custom Site Submission to Classified Ads and Newsgroups and best of all Search Engines, which occurred overnight increased my business. Otherwise it would have taken me weeks to submit myself, if I would have even done it. It is so reasonably priced I can not afford to do it myself nor can I afford not to. THKS Carla for my new found profit!!!"
-Ellen Feldman, The Amazing Micro Diet

classichits web design web maintenance search engine registration search engine submission site submission internet marketing promotion webmaster  

I want to thank the Stars for letting me find you over a year ago when I advertised for someone to make my Websites' submissions for me. Just your projection through your Email overshadowed the other twenty or so that I got. Then about, six months ago my Hosting Company shut down their Smaller Accounts, transferred my Webmaster to another Department in almost no notice to speak of. You came to my rescue to 'help me out until I could advertise for another Webmaster.' Then after a few weeks, I twisted your arm to say you would be my Webmaster, and us see how it fit into your other Website Business. To this day you are my Webmaster for two sites, submit to Classifieds and Search Engines, once a month, for both sites and everything has been smooth as silk. Your talent, expertise, timeliness should be enough! But, on top of that you are a kind, helpful, and caring person that I have never seen. You are the best! I could not have achieved what I have to date without your great help! Thanks.
-Ward G. Dougherty, Glasses Float™


HTML Writers Guild

Ackley's Custom Site Submission
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M-F 9am-5pm MST
Local: 623-444-7882
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