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What is Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Positioning and do you do this?
Yes, we offer Search Engine Positioning. Positioning is the process of getting a web site to come up higher in a search engines ranking by keyword. In other words, lets say you have an online business that sells skin care products and you don't seem to be able to find your site in the Search Engines very well. You know you are in them, but you have low ranking. Everyone else seems to come up higher than you. What we do is find current searching words/terms that are related to your site, and we implement those into your site for the engines to read. This process takes anywhere from 30 days - 6 months normally for the engines to index. Once this has occurred you achieve higher ranking on those keywords/terms. Customers are able to find you in the engines and can visit your site. We get you into the Top 10, 20 or 30 on the engines rankings (Pages 1, 2 or 3 of the engines search results). We find that most people when doing a search don't look at much past Page 3 (it depends on type of industry, as we see some people going far down in results for shopping comparisons, for example: vitamins). Since you are within those results you have a higher chance of getting their business. Each site is individually examined and recommendations are given for what will need to be done to get Top results. Example of Top Search Engine Results (Actual Client - achieved 7 #1 Positions in 30 days!) Another example for a client that does Camouflage Luggage. Please contact us if you would like to have higher rankings, or see our services page for more information.

Which Search Engine Service Should I Get?
We will review your site and let you know what would be the appropriate search engine optimization service or internet advertising service for your sites. Many sites can do very well with our basic service, but some sites require more due to complexities in site design. Please ask for a free site review.

How many Search Engines can I be submitted to?
We normally submit your site to the Major Engines and to around 200,000 engines & directories. Engine acceptance varies based upon your keywords, what engines are available, and engine content. We also submit you manually by hand to the Major Engines. Submission to many sites is great for Link Popularity. Link Popularity means that some of the Search Engines will rank you higher based on how many other sites link to you.

How many Classified Ads can I be submitted to?
The average submission is between 200 to 500. It varies based on how many Classified Ad sites are available. This is great for link popularity as the classified ad sites get spidered by the engines and your info gets picked up also. We also do manual to several High Profile Classified Ad sites (Craigslist, MySpace, & Yahoo!) for $10 each, or for $40 per hour.

Do You Submit Just My Main Page Or All Pages On My Site?
We usually only submit your main page. Most of the Search Engines ask that only the main URL be submitted. The reason for this is simple. Once your main page is given to the Search Engines, they will then 'spider' or come to your site and index the rest of your pages. The engines will drill down to all of your pages as long as they can find them. Make sure that you have links leading to all of your pages. We can add them if needed.

Do You Submit to the Major Search Engines?
Yes- For the Search Engine Submission we manually submit your site to the Major Search Engines:
(, AltaVista/All the Web/Yahoo! Search, ExactSeek,, Google, Hotbot/Overture/MSN, Jayde, and AOL/Open Directory Project.) Yahoo! is now pay only to get in. The rest of the submission process is done with software. All other engines/directories, like AOL and Netscape are derivatives of the above engines/directories and are included. We can also submit to International engines if needed (many of them are included in with the Major Engines)..

What do I need to give you to get started?
Just fill in the blanks on our order form. Please skip anything that does not apply. We do use the information in the submission process. If you have any questions, please ask.

How much are your services?
A Search Engine Submission is only $15.00 each the first time, and $10.00 for any additional. Combination packages are available for just a little more in cost. Bulk pricing available for large submissions. We don't recommend preparing the 'free' sites, as the engines don't index them very well at all. We recommend that you do a Search Engine Optimization package as a site really needs to be prepared before being submitted,. There is a lot more to getting ranking then just adding META tags and submitting. Search Engine Optimization packages start at $825 and up depending on your site design and complexity. Please ask for a free site review. We will give you an honest appraisal of how your site is doing in the search egnines.

How do I get a Submission Report? Is there any extra cost?
The Submission Report is complimentary (Free). Just ask for one. Most customers want one, so we usually just include it.

Can you explain how to read the Web Ranking Reports?
Yes- the Search Engine Ranking Reports will show all the current keywords that you can now be found under, by engine, page, position, and amount of change since last report run. You may view them in your browser. Read across from left to right: 1st column shows your keyword, 2nd column shows your current position for that keyword, 3rd column shows what search engine page that keyword position is on, 4th column shows what you last position was from the last report we ran, 5th column shows amount of change from last position to current position (+/-), and 6th column shows which search engine or directory.

Can you explain how to read the Submission Reports?
Yes- The Submission Reports will show all sites submitted to successfully. You may view them in your browser. The automated submission and report is a value added service- the part that really works is doing the manual submission to the Major Engines.

You performed a Search Engine Submission for me yesterday, yet I am not seeing my site in the Major Search Engines today. Why not?
Please be patient. The normal index time for the Major Search Engines is 30 days - 6 months. Usual time is 3-6 months for your site to be displaying in 99% of the Major Engines. Keywords start to become active in the 1-4 month range. Rule of thumb is 4-6 months for traffic. They get thousands of submissions daily. Yahoo! is now pay only to get in. They will review your site within 7 business days. The more original or unique your site is, the better chance you will have to get added to YAHOO! You will be listed automatically in many of the minor search engines. Search engine indexing takes time. 

Index Rates for the Major Search Engines: New sites may take longer. (General indexing time is 28-45 days).

  • AltaVista/All the Web/Yahoo! Search    4 - 6 weeks
  • Google/    2 - 6 weeks
  • MSN    4 - 6 weeks
  • Open Directory Project/DMOZ    2 weeks to Several Months. Human edited, and they decide whether to accept or reject.
  • Yahoo Submission/YAHOO! Business Express up to 7 business days. $ Pay site. Human edited, and they decide whether to accept or reject. If your site was in Yahoo! before 12-28-2001, you will not have an annual charge.

Google Page RankingGoogle PageRank Algorithm Chart - See link for Google Page Rank calculations/search engine rank tool. The more sites that link to you, the better Page Rank that you have on Google (Not to be confused with actual ranking. It's basically a numbers game).

I saw that you have Monthly Submissions. How can that help me?
Once your site has been submitted, it is highly recommended that it be resubmitted on a regular basis, as that is what will keep your rankings up, plus some of the engines require 6-9 months of submissions to keep you in (show as an active site). You also can get higher rankings by re-submitting (ranking boost). You also may have new information on your web pages that you might want reflected in the search engines & classified ads.*It is extremely important that you keep adding your site to the Search Engines, whether through this service, or another. Otherwise you will not be found in the Search Engines. Optimal Submission Rate is once every 30 days. We do manual search submissions to the Major Engines every 30 days. This will keep your rankings up (this is the only thing that keeps you in the engines, and keeps you with high web site rankings). 

I have a new site and am not getting any traffic. Which is the best service for me?
That depends on your budget. We recommend doing a free site review and then we will let you know what can be done for you based upon your site design and needs. Ask for a free seo review.

What are Meta Tags? Do I need them?
Meta Tags are HTML design language that tell the Search Engines how to index your site. They look like: META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="arizona realty, phoenix homes, phoenix realtor, arizona investment properties, scottsdale real estate, scottsdale homes". The most common ones we use are Description and Keywords. A Meta Tag for Description is a simple sentence or small paragraph describing your web site/products. This is what people may see in some of the engines when they do a search for you. A Meta Tag for Keywords will list descriptive words that are related to your site content. No one will see your Meta Tags except the Search Engines.
We recommend highly that you have Meta Tags in your site before you have a Search Engine Registration, as some engines still use these. Not all engines use them now though. We can help you select your Meta Tags. Just ask! (it's part of our seo packages). Most of the engines are not just using META tags, but are using a combination of titles, META tags, ALT tags, Comment stags, keyword linking, and text on your site. By modifying all of this to fit the engine requirements, you get good ranking and can be found. Order Now

Do you have a Search Engine Affiliate Referral Program - SEO Resellers?
Yes, please inquire. We do honor referrals for web design firms and anyone that sends us customers. We pay you for your referrals. Referral Scale: If someone buys the Search Engine Top Position Optimization package, you get $50. If they buy the Gold Package, you get $100, and if they buy the Platinum package you get $200. This can be an easy way to make some money. We are somewhat flexible and can pay higher referrals on a case by case basis, please ask.

Resell SEO Services and complement your existing services, or just earn some decent referral money. Reseller pricing is available to web design firms, web hosting firms, advertising companies, and PR firms.

Special commission pricing is available for motivated individuals & companies.

If you would like to, please place a link or graphic to us. You may use our graphics. Please save them and use them on your own server. Or you may just link to us (please link to our main page -

I saw that you have a Web Site Maintenance Service - What is that? Explanation of Fees:
Webmaster services / Web Site Maintenance services are a low cost Web Master for Hire program. If you have a web site and either you do not have the time or the skills to run your web page, we can run it for you. Whenever you need a change to be made to your web pages, just email us, we charge $60.00 per hour (15min minimum - we work fast). We do graphic work, and script additions. We also troubleshoot and repair problems. Some of the things people use us for are: adding banners, deleting graphics, changing text, building forms, adding additional content, updating inventory, etc... Work is based on $60.00 per hour. 15 minute minimum. Programming charges are $85.00 per hour unless quoted otherwise. Travel charges are $180.00 per hour + Expenses (travel to training, seminars you need us to attend, travel to add information to off site servers, etc..). Priority work: Add $50.00 for your normal (non-emergency) work to be moved to the top of the queue. Emergency work services are double the hourly charge, or quoted charge (Example: Web hosting company going out of business and need to move hosting to new account now- would be $120.00 per hour instead of usual $60.00 per hour. Another example: Quoted $350.00 to do site, and need to have done in 2-3 days for an upcoming event/press release, would now be $700.00). Holiday services are triple the hourly charge. Work on major holidays includes day before holiday and day of holiday and day after holiday). Itemizations: If you need a detailed itemization, other than what we normally provide, we charge $60 per hour.

We try and do your work ASAP, but in the case of power outages, and things beyond our control, etc.. We will do your work at the earliest possible time after power has been restored, repairs made, etc.. Our hours of operation are: 9am to 5pm PDT/PST (Pacific time), Monday through Friday. Refunds are not given after work has started as this work is labor intensive (we do a service, not sell products), you are paying for our time and expertise. Changes made to our work by the customer may slow down or impede the indexing process and may cause ranking problems. Information on this site may not be accurate or current. We may change any information on this site at any time without notice. 

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